And we’re off…

“Resist the urge to procrastinate…with clutter there is no ‘later,’ there is only ‘more.'”

Welcome to my little patch of digital space! My name is Lainie and this blog is my journal, my collection of inspirations, my portfolio, my soapbox and most importantly: my sanity saver.  I have spent the last few months trying to get everything I want to include here together, organized and in tip top shape.  Through the upcoming blogs and within the menu/pages above you’ll find some people/websites/articles I find inspiring, what I believe is crucial to my happiness, projects I’m working on, a few of my favorite photos and recipes and any thought-provoking encounters that cross my path.  The goal here is to try and zip up all the loose ends and straighten out all the discombobulation in my life, to actively lay out a path of self discovery and of course, hopefully entertain some people.

I hope to slowly build up a library of posts but for now please peruse some of the menus and pages organized at the top of the page.  The kinks and structure of all the information is still being worked out so please excuse any changes but for the mean time please enjoy, give feedback, comments and most of all…enjoy:-)


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