Current Happiness 8/20/11

This is my first of hopefully many Current Happiness posts, a little segment where I post clips, quotes, songs etc that I’m really loving at the moment

1.  Dorrie at 104 

Here’s a small peak at a story CNN did recently on a woman by the name of Dorie who was turning 104 years old…very inspiring…I LOVE her :-)!

104-year-old ‘super ager’ can thank her lucky genes

The video doesn’t show this but that CNN piece also did an interview with Dorrie and a CNN medical correspondent.  I wish I could find this part because they also inferred that Dorrie is more “mentally there” than most people 20 years her junior (as they say in the piece “she still has all her marbles,” which is quite evident when she recalls a story about her father from WWII with vivid detail).  Her mental sharpness is attributed to her consistent involvement in the community and positive daily interaction with those around her.

2.  Music of the Moment

Billy Bragg-Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key (can someone please tell me if that is Natelie Merchant in the background?!)

Plug In Stereo-Oh Darling

David Guetta (feat. Sia)-Titanium

Kate Voegele-Angel

Iron and Wine-Freedom Hangs Like Heaven

*that’s it for now but I promise future Current Happiness posts will have a little more to offer!


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