The Wishing Tree

Do you ever have those moments in life where you see something small, hear something seemingly insignificant, learn about something that results in an “aha” moment or a revelation that really forces you to open your mind.  I love and live for those moments: whether it’s a quote from a book, something a teacher says, a small quirk someone habitually does etc.  I cling to those moments and try to put them somewhere I won’t forget about them; that’s a huge task I’m trying to accomplish with this blog (my current “filing system” is a bit chaotic and ineffective).  So I will let you in on some of these moments I’ve already had and as I stumble upon them in the future.

One of those moments happened for me while vacationing at the beach in the form of a local woman’s public interpretation of “throwing your aspiration and intentions out into the universe;” a sort of twist on throwing a penny in the fountain, blowing out birthday candles or blowing an eyelash off your finger.  She originally, from her tchotchke engulfed front porch with Fleetwood Mac playing in the background, was helping a friend and I parallel park.  As we were walking off towards the beach her face popped out from behind her hanging plants and said, pointing around the corner, “don’t forget to make a wish on my wishing tree!”  A little confused, my friend and I followed the direction of her knobby finger around the corner.  We came upon a small but wonderful tree covered in hundreds of different colored ribbons blowing fiercely in the wind.  I not only loved the concept of her wishing tree but it in itself became a beautiful piece of “art” right on that small street.  This tree, which was nothing special on its own, had a small old tin can tapped around the trunk.  It was filled with all different colors, sizes and designs of ribbons and had a piece of paper on it that said “make a wish on this ribbon and tie it to the tree for it to come true.”  I obviously don’t really believe that a wish will come true by tying a ribbon to a tree, blowing out my birthday candles etc., but this woman’s small gesture, meant to lift the spirits of people she might never meet, was touching and inspiring.  That moment was one of those unexpected ones that make you step back, forget about yourself and have a little faith.  It made for a beautiful site too!


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