A Possible New Hobby?!?

Yarnbombing….I love this!  I think it has something to do with its combining my love of knitting (the best way I’ve found to get myself to stop picking at my nails and cuticles…which is a hereditary Plattner trait it’s been decided) and my childhood

obsession (and I do have to divulge it’s become my adult symbol of my yearning for my childhood) with Rainbow Brite.  For those of you who clearly missed out on one of the greatest creations to come out of those crazy days known as the 80’s…please refer to the picture at left.

Anyways….I came across this “yarn-bombing” on the NYTimes website and I love this idea.  What a great way to bring some color to the world, hopefully a smile to some peoples’ faces and awareness to the greatness of knitting 🙂 (Rainbow Brite would be so proud)

Link to the NYTimes Article


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