Everyday Resolutions

I’ve never really been a huge fan of new-years resolutions: never really made an effort to make any because I knew I wouldn’t keep them (to my credit I think of them in the same way I think of diets: it’s better to just try and eat healthy all the time instead of pushing a diet on yourself).  However, I have recently decided to come up with a list of “everyday-resolutions:”  small daily changes intended to, just like New Years resolutions, help me better myself so I can live the happiest, most creative, productive and impacting life. A few of my resolutions include…

  • meditate for at least a few minutes everyday
  • continue with my yoga practice (this could go hand in hand with meditation)
  • juicing everyday (gotta get all my greens in)
  • eating an overall cleaner diet
  • to journal, at least a little, before I fall asleep at night
  • keeping up with this blog (it helps me be more aware of the little, everyday things)
  • taking more everyday (candid) pictures
  • trying to nurture any of my abilities/talents (paint and work on artistic/design projects)
  • make the effort to keep communication open with friends I don’t get to see often
  • make conscious effort to minimize negative actions, words and thoughts
  • taking care of my physical self (good exercise and activity, putting in that extra effort to look and feel my best

One thought on “Everyday Resolutions

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