Current Happiness 9/22/11

There are a few websites at the moment that I’m really loving:

at  you can listen to past sessions of this similarly titled radio show which sits down candidly with musicians from all walks of life.  You can hear stories about everyone from Dolly Parton to B.B. King, Jack Kerouac, Les Paul and Jelly Roll Morton, often in the artist’s own words.  Makes a great background for long drives or even while doing chores around the house.

One of my favorite websites is (also by the same people), but usually when I’m perusing the site for recipes I narrow it down by searching “vegan.”  The website let’s me skip this step! It’s exactly like food gawker and tastespotting but strictly vegan recipes; after just spending 15 minutes on it the other day I had an overly ambitious list of recipes I wanted to try.

I first heard about this next website from a pretty drunk girl at a friend’s party a few weeks ago.  Although she was so nice, the cloudiness with which the site was recommended gave me slight reservations…but drunk or not, her judgement was spot on.  If you’re in search of inspiration look no further than; whether you’re looking to find an outfit or hairstyle for the night, new art project, or any around the house craft this is the perfect site to get that. You can even set up your own inspiration boards and search boards made by people you know (which pinterest helps you find).

Way to spice up life at the moment?…Outside the box nail designs

Scout and Catalogue Scarf….LOVE this!

*for anyone who might be wanting a gift list from me (ACHEM…Mom), you can find these on etsy.🙂

DIY House Organization Projects

gathering up paper tubes to organize various electrical cord, using bread bag closures to label outlets, sandal hangers out of wire hangers (YES more wire hangers:-) and how I wish my desk at home could look (I’ll get working on that ASAP now)

Using Wooden Palettes Every Which Way

vertical garden (which I definitely need to put together if I want to start a garden on my little porch); as a pot hanger (also good for small garden); lantern holder; wall hanging photo display.

Upcycling Projects for Around the House

wine crates as shelves, old window panes for photo displays, painted cheese grater to organize earrings, shutter for mail organizer, old tire wheel as a lamp, wine crates as planters, de-labeled tin cans as hanging planters, mason jars for a hanging light fixture.

Quotes and Messages

“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.”-Spanish Proverb

…and this fortune cookie message I got the other night…

hope you are entertained/inspired/induced into thought by this “Current Happiness”…goodnight:-)!


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