My Equation for a Good Juice

Over the past few months juicing has become one of my favorite things! I pretty much do it daily during the mid-afternoon for a craving buster and quick pick me up.  Previous to the purchase of my juicer, anytime I came in contact with the substance I felt like I was being force-fed cucumbers or tomatoes…for some this might be a good thing but since I don’t really like drinking my vegetables (at least not taste-bud-consciously) it was kind of a turn off.  So since I’ve gotten my juicer (thanks mom:-) I’ve played around with different combinations and come up with one general equation for a good juice…

A.  You need the Greens! Here is where the big nutrients come in…I try to pack in as many veggies as I can: kale, swiss chard, broccoli, celery, carrots, spinach etc.

B.  Cover it up!  Like I said, I don’t like feeling like I’m drinking my veggies, so I cover up the leafy taste with citrus.  I like lemons and grapefruit best, you can also use limes and oranges (although oranges can be a little sweet so if you use it then go light on the next part of the equation…

C.  Cut the sour with some sweet.  I usually go for apples, oranges, grapes, cantaloupe, any berries that are about to go off the deep end or watermelon.

D.  I’m usually pretty satisfied without this step. but if you’re feeling like a little pizzaz you can add beets, pomegranate seeds, ginger etc.

E.  Lastly, you will need a big big glass, straw, lot’s of ice and a generous splash of carbonated water!



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