What’s Cooking: 3

What’s Cooking tonight is all about using what you’ve got (a phrase Bethenny Frankel uses often, so I like it even more).  Over the last few days as a result of the combination of too many days off in a row and my still overwhelming love of the findingvegan  recipe website, I’ve gone to the grocery store a few too many times.  So it makes sense that I have a lot of stuff in my cabinets and fridge that are calling to be used up…and quickly. These including:

  • tomatoes
  • sweet potato
  • red onion and white onion
  • vegan cheese made with butternut squash (leftover from my experimenting with Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese)
  • Trader Joe’s Quacamole
  • Mushrooms
  • Spring mix and spinach
With these on hand, my boyfriend’s stash of whole wheat tortillas and a packet of taco spices so old they moved with me from California:  veggie tacos coming right up!!
I started off dicing up my sweet potato and tossing it in a large zip lock bag with a little EVOO, salt, pepper and half the bag of taco seasoning.  From here they went in the oven, 400 degrees F, for around 30 minutes, just until they’re soft.
Next up: the white onions and mushrooms which I finely chopped.  I simply heated up some EVOO in a small sauté pan cooked the onions for a couple minutes till they softened up, added the chopped mushrooms, the remaining taco seasoning and then cooked on medium heat until the water from the mushrooms evaporated.
From here I simply prepared the garnishes (chopped the tomatoes, sliced up some red onion, put out the guac, vegan cheese and greens and even quickly heated up a tortilla on the stove) and made a veggie taco assembly line.  Tackling the construction of this taco was a difficult task  so here’s a little advice: put the tortilla down first, spread with guacamole and vegan cheese, next add the greens, then sweet potatoes and mushroom mix and top off with tomatoes and red onion.  Voila!! Veggie tacos and not even a trip to the grocery store (at least not today).

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