Let the Autumn Decorating Ensue!!—and some of my cheap holiday decorating tips

Fall is by far my favorite season: the temperature finally falls below 90 degrees, people come out of the wood work that is their AC drenched home to spend the day in the sunshine, the leaves change color (in Phoenix this is only a week long event) and I get an overwhelming urge to drink spiced tea, or use anything with cinnamon and nutmeg for that matter.  But as I’ve said before, my favorite way to ring in the season is to cook like a Jewish mother (I’m Jewish, I’m allowed to say that) and to bring out any and everything fall related to put up around the house.   I definitely lucked out in this department as well:  my parents have a great house for decorating and my mom loves the season as much as I do…as a result she basically has a storage unit full of fall/holiday decorations…so I’ve got a lot to work with.  The day when we bust out all those boxes from their months of hibernation and I get to spread that seasonal decor around the house is one of my favorite days of the year.

Over the years I’ve realized that decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t require that special ordered vampire statue or the light up mobile Santa Clause on your roof.  A few small things that I find can make a big impact:

Fabric-great to add over tables, on a mantle, over lamps, around chairs and just to make things out of in general.

Candles-work great anywhere, are cheap, come in tons of shapes and sizes and add a splash of basically whatever you want, be it color, sparkle or spider webs 🙂

Garland and Flowers- work great on mantles, sofa tables, on chandeliers, over windows, along banisters, around candle bases and even just in vases (like the rhyme there?)

Ornaments- ornaments are not just for christmas! you can buy Tim Burton inspired mini trees at any craft store now and they work perfectly on tables as holiday accents.  I also like putting ornaments in decorative bowls, which makes for a good center piece.  Ornaments are colorful, can be sparkle and add a little pizzazz.

Homemade Things– homemade decoration are usually the cheapest, the best and the most memorable.  Take for example my mom’s needlepoint projects (below).  These are just a few of the MANY holiday projects she does!  The best part is you can make them exactly how you want them to be.

Minor Details- I think what makes holiday decor the most memorable are the details.  Whether they be fancy figurines, door handle accents, colorful marbles on a table, cute and festive signs and even just cheap dollar store finds…hence the plastic eyeballs:-)


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