Making Paper Flowers

Making paper flowers isn’t something I came upon because of a growing love for origami or because I yearned for an everlasting bouquet of roses.  In fact, it’s something I started doing a short stint of unemployment to help pass the time and create a few projects…so I at least had something to show for my endless open hours.  Although it can be time consuming…it’s really not that difficult, and there a few tricks that can help the process move along at a more bountiful rate.

First part of the process, one word: squares.  The first time I did these flowers was out of newspaper and therefore had to cut it down to squares….in order to bypass that step this time around I headed to Michael’s where I purchased packages of 12 inch by 12 inch card stock papers.   But any size square or pretty much any type of paper (not stiffer than card stock though) will do.  From here I find the circle in the square (if I’m using 12 x 12 paper…the diameter of the circle will be 12)…this is easy to do if you mark a small notch at the halfway mark of each side of the paper (above).  From here you’re going to spiral inward.  The distance between each line of the spiral as it moves in isn’t really crucial…just remember that that width will end up being the height of the flower and the more lines you can get in the spiral the wider the flower will be.  That is basically the hardest part of the process and you can speed it along by stacking papers on top of one another, using that top paper which is marked with the spiral as a guide.  From here start cutting along the line, moving inward until you reach the center.  Now separate out the various sheets into their own individual spirals and begin rolling it from the outside moving inward.  I like to dab a dot of glue every few inches during the process and let the spiral set under something heave (i.e. scissors or yoga book above).  While that spiral is drying you can move onto the next spiral, let that set, move on again etc etc.  Once you reach the center of the spiral dab a dot of glue in the very middle of that spiral and attach it to the bottom of your spiraled flower….you can set it upright and set something heavy but stable on the top so the glue can adequately adhere on the bottom.

There you go:-), your paper flowers!

I’ll hopefully post the art project I’m using these for soon.


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