Let the Holiday Festivities Begin

Few things put a bigger smile on my face or more skip in my step than Autumn.  Mostly because with it comes all the Halloween entrapments and when I see fat little pumpkin or warty gourde it reminds me of one thing: the holidays are coming (aka my favorite season, the Christmas [and Hannukah] season, is on its way).  With the exception of making sure Halloween decor was adequately splattered all over my parents’ house, I engaged in my first holiday festivity of the year this past weekend.  Leave the decorated sugar cookies for Easter, the gingerbread houses for Christmas (which I love equally if not more) and the dreidel spinning for the eight days of light: Bring on the Cake Pops!  What better way to do sugar crafting activities than with my equivalently eager and wide-eyed 7 year old nieces.

I really like this spongey cake pops because they’re much lighter and less mess inducing than the usual “mix the already baked cake with icing then let it harden in the fridge for 2 hours” recipe.  My mom got the basics done before anyone even came over: got a pre made Sara Lee cake (which you could obviously do yourself but when the recipients are going to be 7 year olds I’ve never met and my boyfriend’s co-workers I think pre made will do just fine) and used a circle cookie cutter (2-3″ around) to cut out as many cake circles as possible.  And because everything my mom does is prethought-out, well organized and as mess resistant as possible, she set the various decorations in muffin tins.

Next comes the melting of the chocolate; we melted semi sweet Nestle chocolate in a double boiler.  I think it would turn out better if you melting the chocolate discs you can get in the cake decorating department at Michael’s or a cake decorating store.  We solved the problem of overly viscous chocolate by adding some vegetable oil.  To cover the cake circles I dipped one flat side of the circle in the chocolate than placed it on top of a fork, chocolate side down.  Then put large dollops of chocolate on top of the circle and smoothed it out and over the sides with a knife.  From here: place it on its drying station: a cookie rack placed on top of a cooking sheet covered in parchment.

Gently stick the lollipop sticks about halfway through the cake; transfer to another parchment covered cookie sheet and DECORATE with any and everything your heart desires.  Stick them in the fridge until chocolate is set then package them for gift delivery.  We used halloween lollipop bags with a wire tie…Perfect, if I do say so myself!

Special shout-out to my Pops who was on dish duty


One thought on “Let the Holiday Festivities Begin

  1. I’ve wanted to make these for my kids but it never occurred to me to by pre-made cake! Great idea.

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