Simple Homemade Upholstered Bench

During this homemade furniture spree that I and Ted are on you never know what we’re going to make (that will need to somehow be smooched into my small apartment, pretty much already fully stocked).  This week:  an upholstered bench.  Necessary Materials:

  • Piece of Wood, 2″ thick, 12″ wide and cut down to 55″ long (we chose 55 because we knew we wanted to put it at the end of my bed which is 60″ wide…I wanted it to be just a little smaller than the bed)
  • 4 already made bench legs (should come with a dowel screw in the top of each leg, to secure it into the bench. if not be sure to buy some)
  • Foam padding, to add bulk to the seat
  • Quilt batting, to create a smoother shape
  • Desired cloth for final upholstery (because the fabric we liked was a little see through we ended up using 2 different fabrics…a neutral opaque underneath)
  • Drill
  • Staple gun
  • Spray paint(whatever color you want the legs to be)
  • Wood Glue
  • A plastic tarp and hot glue gun also came in handy

So first things first: mark where your legs will be on the bottom of the bench and drill holes into the bench accordingly, now spray the legs with the paint (usually two light coats works best) and allow enough time to dry.

Using the large wooden bench piece trace its outline onto the foam; 3 layers of foam that was 2″ thick worked perfectly (I also used the hot glue gun to hold the foam layers together and in line).  Now cut.  Next, cut out one piece of batting, we wanted it to wrap down over the sides of the foam and staple to the underside of the bench so we extended this piece by 4″ in each direction (i.e. the wood piece and foam are 55″x12″, so the batting piece is 63″x20″).  Cut your fabric out to approximately that same dimension, a little larger if you want to just be careful.

Now lay everything out on the floor and prepare for stapling: do this by stacking everything from the outside in.  So first put down the fabric with the visible side face down, then the batting, then the foam and top that off with the wood piece.

Now staple each layer to the underside, first doing the batting then the fabric…keep in mind that you will need to be able to access the holes previously drilled for the legs!!!  When folding over and stapling the shorter sides of the bench think Christmas present wrapping.

Once that final fabric is secured to the bottom side of the bench with the staple gun put a little wood glue in each of the drilled holes and screw in the legs….That’s it!! just let it dry upside down for a few hours.


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