Where I’ve Been…Where I Want To Go

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

This post isn’t going to be an existential expression of “the person I used to be…the person I want to become someday” etc. etc.  Take this one at face value: cool, inspiration cities and sites I’ve gone to, and the places I’ve always wanted to visit (who knows…maybe live)?

I really think travel is the greatest thing anyone can do: it opens your eyes to so many things, so many kinds of people, difference lifestyles and just helps to realize that we’re all connected and we’re each just one small part of this whole big world.  I’ve also made great friends traveling, I discovered in Paris that I really did like tomatoes, I’ve been forced to stay up WAY past my usual bedtime in Barcelona, learned to sleep a simultaneously be a human lock for my bag on a couchette (sleeper train) to Nice and I even think traveling is how I really started to love design.  (and I really haven’t even travelled that much…if you want to hear about what it’s really like to “pick up and go” just talk to my sister Erin).

So anyways…here are some of the most inspiration places I’ve been (excuse the repeats):

Mont. St. Michel, France; Versaille, France; Chartres Cathedral, Paris; Segrada Familia, Barcelona.

Amsterdam; Eiffel Tower; Best Farmers Market @ Bastille, Paris; Skydiving, Interlaken, Switzerland

Giverny, France; Ville France Sur Mer, France; Barcelona, Spain; Cinque Terre, Italy

Versailles; Lake Lucerne, Switzerland; Segrada Familia, Barcelona.

There’s a part of me that looks at these pictures and thinks that I’ve really seen a lot….but when I look at the list of places I want to go, where I’ve been seems minimal.

All three of from the WTC 911 memorial site

Both are from the Jewish Museum by Daniel Libeskind in Berlin

Mount Athos, Greece

Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas; Rhine River in Germany, lovers bridge (a couple locks their padlock onto the fence and throws the key in the river)

El Chorro, Spain; Crete; Cave of Melody, Scotland

Watkins Glen State Park, New York; Fairy Pools in the Cullins, Scotland; Slovenia

Panchoran Retreat Bali, Thailand; Portofino Italy; Four Seasons , Thailand

I’m sure this list will continue to grow!


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