Turkey Day Fun

There’s so many reasons to love November: it marks the start of temperatures averaging cooler than 85 degrees and is a reminder that the summer months are over, it’s filled with orange and red leaves, the smell of cinnamon, pumpkin puree and culminates with a Thanksgiving finale (not to mention Nov. is the precursor to my favorite month and a reminder that my birthday and the holidays are on the way).  And at the Plattner house we make sure to never disappoint on Turkey Day; the two biggest categories to check off of our festive to do list are decor and of course food.

This all begins with a proper Thanksgiving dinner table.  Necessary items include: great Phoenix fall weather (ignore the momentary drizzle that ensued), large table where entirety of family can be squished together, all things orange, gold, red, yellow and all other colors in the fall decor family, 1 artsy fartsy daughters with “decorate table” on their to-do list, and  one dad who likes to take pictures!

(the above is the table before, during and after decoration)

After an hour or so of sifting through the fresh fall flower bouquets (real and fake), votive candles, candle holders, fresh cranberries, strange fall decor (i.e. little plastic pumpkins, some with fur), napkin holders, appropriately colored plate chargers and fall leaves, clipped from long strings of garland…everything seemed to find it’s proper spot on our festival Thanksgiving table…please see below:)!

Food is, of course, the largest priority on our Thanksgiving to-do list.  My mom for the most part takes care of everything, and does a mighty good job of it…especially when it comes to the desserts.  Everyone did chip in a little bit though.  My nieces even slaved away over a gourmet cheese and cracker plate (see below).  My contribution: my favorite butternut squash soup, whole wheat bread dough, which I used to make salty rosemary crostinis and whole wheat rolls, and my fav vegan, raw chocolate torte. Everything turned out fabulously…if I do say so myself.

The final buffet food table was quite a display of its own as well!.  Anything that’s covered in fall leaves, pumpkins, turkey candles, squash soup, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and salty bread sticks is an A+ by my standards.  

I think everyone will agree: the thing that really makes it Thanksgiving, mores than the food and festive decor, is the family, the friends…….and the ever-faithful guard dog!


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