Smothered in Christmas

After much anticipation and excessive build-up the culmination of my favorite season is here.  Despite having had a Bat Mitzvah and having sat through what seemed like ENDLESS hours of Hebrew/Sunday school in my younger days (or maybe it’s actually because of those events) I relish in the glitter, the shiny balls and twinkly lights of the Christmas season.  Few things can put as big a smile on my face. How better to commence the season than by covering the house with yuletide spirit …but only the inside because the family scrooge (aka the Jewish father) draws the line at outside decor (but once you see our decorations you’ll realize it’s actually a line that’s already been pushed to the limit…it’s a wonder why my Dad hasn’t put up any other restrictions).

I’m going to link back to my fall decoration post because similar rules apply here: just substitute red and green for orange and yellow, sparkly ornament balls for warty gourds and Santa Clauses for turkeys-refer to soon-to-come collage pictures for festive examples.

Pre-Decor Christmas Chaos (I have to see ALL the amo I have to work with first!)

Balls, Sparkle and Glitter

Tables, Mantles and Nooks

Santa Clauses Galore

Advent Calendars: the more the merrier!!

Yuletide figurines

All Things Christmas Paper

Ornament Hall of Fame

A Plethora of Needlepointed Joy (thanks to Mom’s inability to sit still)

Yuletide Traditions-the most effective of all Christmas Decorations

These Christmas Traditions Follow Close-Behind as a Few of My Favorites!!

  • spending Christmas day with my whole family watching our newly received DVDs
  • decorating gingerbread houses (which you can bet there will be a post about in the next few weeks)
  • ELF (and other various Christmas movies, especially with an NYC local-ie Miracle on 34th Street and Home Alone)
  • My neighboring railroad park which will be drenched head to toe in christmas lights and North Pole trains
  • the greatest smorgasboard of a Christmas brunch EVER at Camelback Inn
  • thinking up Christmas gifts that make me more excited to watch the recipient open, than the recipient is to actually open it.

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