Current Happiness 12/15/2011

It’s been a while since I’ve done a current happiness post so I figured it was about time…plus they’re kind of my favorite to do: I get to put all the little quirks and things I find interesting into one spot, no organization necessary.**this first photo is my favorite photo I took from our New York trip, of the Flatiron Building**  So here we go :-)…

Book Clubs:  My friends and I just started one (we’re reading The Marriage Plot) and what better excuse to get together with friends over wine during the week

Online Christmas Shopping:  I have an allergy to large crowds and busy places so and others have definitely made this Christmas season a little easier

what’s better than combining 2 of my favorite winter things: Holiday Teas?!?  I’m loving my apple cider tea (obv much healthier than usual apple cider) and all of celestial seasonings many holiday flavors (blending Sugar Cookie with Gingerbread is a winning combination).

another favorite fall festivity: my birthday.  And what better way to celebrate it than with a homemade Tuxedo cake made by mama Plattner?DEEELICIOUS

A Few fun ideas I found: starting from the left is a neat idea-packing up 3 or 4 of these “survival” kits (full of protein bars, bottle of water, deodorant, tooth brush, toothpaste etc) and now you have something, besides money, to give to that homeless person on the street.  Middle is an uplifting way to start your day.  On the right is an idea I’m DEFINITELY using next time I travel: string your necklace through a straw and clasp it…voila no knots!

I saw this commercial on TV the other day and I just love it:-)… I was surprised when at the end I realized it’s for Chipotle:

Of course I always have to have a quote in my Current Happiness posts.  This is from a book a started like a year ago…stopped half way through…and just came back to a few days ago (and successfully finished):

“We used to fight over the little windup box because I liked to listen to the news and the current affairs [she liked to listen to music].  But now that I was hiding in the jungle behind the beach, I wished I had never fought with my sister.  Nkiruka loved music and now I saw that she was right; because life is extremely short and you cannot dance to current affairs”

-Little Bee

And my song of the moment:  Changing-The Airborne Toxic Event


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