(C)Happy Chanukah-and baked sweet potato latkes

Ok…so I know I write A LOT about how much I love Christmas, and by the end of this year my Christmas to Things-Jewish ratio will be 10:1 but I still consider myself a Jewish girl at heart.  Come on, who can blame me: no matter how many presents you get on those 8 days of Chanukah it will never make up for the fact that we’re seriously lagging in festive songs; that the various shades of blue and silver are nowhere near as enticing as greens, reds and golds; that those nine candles on the menorah can’t hold a candle (couldn’t help myself) to the lights and sparkle of a Christmas tree; and that Chanukah Harry (a Plattner invention) will never be as joyous as Jolly Old Saint Nick and his minion of Christmas elves.

Both holidays are about the family which is why I think I enjoy them so much and although when I think of the holidays and my family I usually think of Christmas Eve Parties, my brother and sisters coming in town from college, my Grandma and Great Aunt flying in to help with decorating, baking etc., Chanukah still has a different, slightly more special meaning for me (despite it’s apparent lag in the competition).    Because I don’t really have any Christian background, Christmas is about getting together with the family and friends that are here and now-which of course is one reason why I love it so much.  But Chanukah, for me (and I’m pretty sure for the other Jewish members of my family as well) is about decades of tradition.  Especially now a days, when there aren’t as many Plattners left-and many of those who are are half way across the country, carrying through with those traditions seems to be the best and often the only way to “get everyone together.”

So in the spirit of Jewish traditions: I bring you latkas!!   In the Plattner family we do latkas pretty simply: a Manischewitz box of potato pancake mix with our secret ingredient…REAL POTATOS…shocking, I know.  But that’s not the recipe I was going to share.  Last night for dinner I wanted to make latkas for everyone but of course wanted a slightly healthier option for myself.  My concoction: baked sweet potato latkas!


  • box of manischewitz potato pancake mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 2.25 cups cold water
  • 2 sweet potatos


Preheat the oven to 425 F. Using the box of Manischewitz mix, the 2 eggs and 2.25 cups of cold water, prepare the mix as directed on the box (basically mix them all together and let sit to thicken for about 5 minutes.  While the mixture is sitting peel your sweet potatos and then grate them with a cheese grater, placing it in a large bowl once complete.

From here what I do is combine the sweet potatos with the thickened mix, but since the mix isn’t really that healthy I slowly add the mixture to the potatos, occassionally stirring and only adding enough to make sure the sweet potato shreds will be held together (depending on how big your sweet potatos are you might just end up using all of the mixture, but it makes a ton of latkas so don’t worry too much-as long as you’re not going to eat the whole batch).

Line a couple baking sheets with parchment paper and then lightly coat with a little oil.  Plop a spoonful of the mixture onto the parchment paper, flatten out and put in the oven for about 15 minutes-long enough that they’re starting to hold together-then flip them and leave them in the oven for about another 15 minutes until they start browning.

I served mine with side choices of non fat FAGE greek yogurt, finely chopped chives and no sugar added applesauce.

Sorry for the lack of color and pictures in this post…i was feeling a little lazy the last few days.  But I promise there’s lots of glitz to come in the new few posts


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