Catching up on Christmas

I know I know….I’m running about a week late at the moment, so consider this an early-bird Christmas post for 2012.  I won’t get too into details because in the wake of these hectic holidays I’m just trying to catch up (aka be ready for coming posts to appear in rapid succession).

If there’s one Christmas moment I look most forward to (besides Christmas brunch, decorating the tree and lots of baking) it’s the decorating of the gingerbread house! I even spent weeks googling “gingerbread house ideas,” “best gingerbread houses,” “unique gingerbread houses” and on and on  to make sure that when I sat down create this merry masterpiece I would have a couple tricks up my sleeve (it really isn’t a masterpiece by any means, and if you look at those google result it is in fact more mediocre than anything else).   And of course: all things Christmas are much more enjoyable with some wee ones around :-).

The week before gingerbread houses I went candy shopping (hoarding).  I threw all things gummy, sparkly, puffy, round, fuzzy, green, red etc. into my basket.  Results:

Once fully prepared for the decorating to ensue it is necessary to a.) get in the “Plattner Zone” and b.) have a little jolly fun.

One of those “tricks” I discovered while endlessly surfing the net for those glorious gingerbread examples was using an upside-down, pointy waffle cone to make a pine tree.  Cone, royal icing dyed green, a star tip for your pastry bag and some accents to add on at the end for decoration is all you need to make christmas tree magic.

I also stumbled upon a technique to make a sleigh.  I used mini candy canes, a stick of gun and a cute gummy penguin.

Once necessary gingerbread accents have been successfully completed it’s officially time to move onto The House.  I won’t go into every chocolate stick log, gummy garden or coconut snowfall but here are a few more pictures to get the idea:

And then of course: my all-time favorite Necco Wafer Roof

And voila!  My Mediocre Merry Masterpiece for 2011….time so start researching for 2012.


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