My Bucketlist Abode

Designing and building my own home one day is something that is on my bucket list.  It’s something I think I have been subconsciously piecing together since the days when I used to draw childish foyers to houses with double curving staircases.  This intangible creation going on in my head has only been exacerbated by the fact that I now know a little something about designing and building buildings and have discovered a sense of what I like and how I like to be surrounded (this no longer includes marble conjoining staircases).  Sites like and, apartment therapy etc. don’t help the situation much either.  A lot of girls say that despite the fact that they don’t even have a boyfriend, Pinterest has inspired them to start planning their wedding and, although I don’t totally disagree with that, these design sites have influenced me, despite my meager non-profit salary and uncertain economical future, to start designing my own dream home.

As the holder of a (currently unused) architecture degree I feel internal conflict arise here.  The school side of me says I should create a Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van der Rohe, contemporary, clean, simple and functional space to live in.  The other side of me, along with my personal taste and my comfort-level, says I want a cozy, nostalgic, rustic space that envelops me in books, photos, warmth and all around smooshiness.  I guess I shouldn’t really say it’s an internal conflict because I didn’t really listen to/agree with most of my architecture mentors in college so I probably won’t listen to them now.  I will, however, start this project off the same way I did in college: with case studies.  I always like starting with case studies because it can really help get the creative mechanisms moving.  Without really thinking about it find pictures of similar projects you like whether they’re from books, websites, your neighbors house, a movie…whatever.  I say don’t really think about it because once you feel like you’ve got an idea brewing, go back to those pictures and really look at them, figure out EXACTLY what about it you like.  Obviously you can’t just recreate what you see because a) that’s kind of like plagiarism and b) it’s really not creative; so pull out one or two details, like the way it creates shadows, how the space feels, what textures it uses etc and take note! From here it becomes kind of like a puzzle piece.  How do these pieces fit together and what role can they play in your project/design?

Here are a few of my puzzle pieces:

For me it’s all about texture…so I’m going to start with that.  One work: rustic!

Then of course the kitchen

Bedroom– must be smushy and cozy!

Bathroom (mostly showers- if I had the shower of my dreams I could spend hours in it…although that’s not very green)

**Side Note**

I’ve always have a strange fascination with cool bathrooms…I can even recall one time telling my dad that I wanted to design only bathrooms, although he was supportive in all my endeavors (he even told me when I was 9, after the 98 Olympics and a short lived obsession with Kerry Strugg…but not short lived enough that I wouldn’t wait in line for hours at planet Hollywood to have her sign my bright blue gymnastics shorts) that if I really worked hard I could go to the Olympics for gymnastics, despite the fact that I could barely do a back handspring) that I might need to pick up a few projects besides bathrooms in order to make a living.

As they taught us in design school: the outside is just as much a space as the inside

When I design my own house I am putting in the necessary tools for optimal organization

The fun part is putting in the Little Details


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