Mother’s Day Extravaganza!!

So I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted…which I’ve felt pretty bad about (not so much because I know people are anxiously awaiting my next quib on life, but because I spent so much time making this site that I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting it!).  But I did hear something the other day that made me feel a little bit better.  A local guy who has come talk to us a few times during our Americorps meetings, and who is a local freelance writer (aka does lots of blogging) said there’s not a specific volume of blogging one should do…the correct number of blogs to post is however many times during that week/month/year you have something good to write about.  and when I think about it, I’d much rather be the occassional exciting package that comes in the mail as opposed to the spammy stuff you get everyday from the credit card company.

But none the less…I’m back and I have something good to post (or at least I think so).  What better way to come back than with a post about one of the greatest crafting holiday opportunities of all…MOTHER’S DAY!  I know no one ever believes me when I say it but my favorite part of the holidays is just having everyone (or almost everyone) under the same roof.  I feel like for a while most of these occassions for our family seemed to be centered around sad events so it’s always so much fun when you can get everyone together to just be happy.  I think that also has something to do with why I like decorating, cooking, crafting etc. for all these holidays…like if I make it a really fun, over the top event people will look forward to it as much as I do (a kind of “if you build it…they will come” situation), even though I know my family looks forward to it anyways.  But that’s just me…plus it gives me an excuse to do all the things I love doing: if it involves colors, crafting, baking, displaying, presenting etc (basically stuffing peoples stomachs and visual capacities) then it’s right up my alley.

At these occassional picture opps are of course always in order…and of course Chic snuck her way in there as well (ok maybe she didn’t sneak in as much as she was hoisted from her peaceful roaming for photo opps and stalked around the house with a camera)

But anyways…onto the festivities!  I’m not going to lie, I spent a lot (bordering on a slightly sad) amount of time trying to get everything ready or organized for the brunch.  My life the past week has consisted of grocery lists, different menu options, seating arrangements, color themes, streamers vs. ribbon, table setting ideas, sketches of possible arrangements and different ways to make poofy paper balls and card stock pin wheels…the important things!  I also spent a lot of time at Michales (thank bajesus for gift cards), Party City, Sprouts Farmer’s Market, scouring the back of my cabinets and the depths of my craft drawers and in the digital world of Pinterest.

Once it was time to set up and began as I usual do with projects such as these: set EVERYTHING I’m going to use out so I see what I have to work with.

And then it was time to build the tables…starting from the bottom up.  After careful consideration I decided to make the table runner from tapped streamers (did you know they’re like $1 and seem to be as endless as the bottom of Mary Poppin’s bag?) and did perpendicular lines (aligned with the various seating positions) out of ribbon of coordinating color.  Top those off with very large doilies and homemade place tags and it’s time to start adding all the fun stuff.

And by fun stuff I mean tissue paper “pom-poms” in different shades of pink and white, different size, shape, height vases, celebratory champagne flutes, mason jars painted light pink on the inside and pink and white tulips! (and then of course more streamers hanging from the chandelier above which, to my luck, I have no pictures of).

We also turned a small side table into the Mimosa stations (sparkling cider station for my nieces :-).  To add some variety (which is the spice of life) to the table there was, of course, orange juice but also ruby red grapefruit juice, a tropical peach, mango papaya juice and rasberry lemonade.  the table, of course, had to also have doilies, colorful labels, matching garnish and streamers!

And finally onto the food table!! I feel like this is where you really have to get creative wtih what you have (I obviously don’t want to go buy new presentation plates but it’s almost impossible to find cheap cake stands at the party store that don’t have some disney character on them…which normally I would love…but I don’t think my mom is as into little mermaid and strawberry shortcake as I am).  At this point I was very greatful for the plethora of serving trays, baking pans and doilies my mom has scattered throughout her many kitchen cabinets.  When it comes to tables like this I think it’s all about different heights and small accents so I pulled out the flat trays, the tall cake stands small crystal champagne glasses and stuffed them on with color, food and flowers.  In addition to the food on the “menu” I also went to the local grocery store baking section and got those cheap donut holes and mini cinnamon rolls to just add some extra (and edible) place fillers.  (There were also matching streamers hanging around the edge of the table which, again, I have no pictures of).

The final menu consisted of:

Kale Salad

Raw Berry Crisp (OhSheGlows)

Oven-Roasted, Rosemary Potatoes (which were very easy: 6 diced potatoes roasted with a chopped yellow onion, EVOO, s and p and rosemary sprigs for about an hour at 350…was more than enough to feed 8 people).

A Cinnamon Struesel Bundt Cake (made by mamacita Plattner herself)

Scrambled Eggs with a variety of toppings (cheeses, chives, salsa, hot sauce and ketchup)

Chocolate Graham Muffins (

Lemon Poppy-Seed Loaf (

Cupcakes my brother and his family brought

and then of course the decorative, $1, donuts and mini cinnamon rolls

needless to say there was tons of food left over

Although my Mom said she wanted “the brunch” to be her gift I think it’s way more fun to give someone something that is a tangible keepsake.  So I went to Target and got one plain-white, wide-rimmed dinner plate and a matching side plate for not very much money and a black Market from Michael’s that was meant for writing on glass, plastic and metal (it didn’t say porcelain but I figured it if can write on plastic and hold its form…it’ll work on porcelain).  I kind of struggled with what to write on the plates.  Although I tend to be very nostalgic I have a hard time being lovey-dovey and I definitely don’t go for cheezy mooshy quotes…which as it turns out categorizes 99% of quotes about moms.  So I tried to do some quotes from books that are relevant to my family and that had a tad of humor to them (written around the rim of the large plate using a long piece of tape, continuously moved down with each line, to keep everythin aligned). The smaller plate has a heart with the word “mom” in different languages.  Thanks Aunt Linda for sending me this personalized plate idea!!! I think good old Rhonda liked it…she’s surprisingly pretty easy to please.

Overall Mother’s Day: A Stuffing Extravaganza Success (if I do say so myself).


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Extravaganza!!

  1. Wow Laine! you need to put that talent to use professionally! very impressive! what a wonderful celebration of your special Mom!

    • Thank you margaret:-)!! I hope you had a good mothers day… I’ve had such a great time hanging out with jared and kelli over the past few months:-)

  2. Lainie – I love how the dishes turned out and it is heart-warming to watch how you let your Mother know how loved she is … it is a beautiful effort, always.

    Hugs to you, and keep the inspiration coming.


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