Father’s Day Photo Display

My favorite gifts to give are homemade ones that involve photos, generally family photos at that.  With Father’s Day looming around the corner it was time to conjure up a good gift idea.  For my dad that is difficult, not because he’s the man who has everything (although he is the man who has everything he wants, which isn’t a lot), it’s difficult because he’s the dad who doesn’t want the stereotypical gift.  So many times he’s told me “just write me a poem” or “let’s go to dinner.” Don’t get me wrong, this grounded quality is one I love about my dad but it also makes it very hard to come up with new gifts that will make him genuinely happy (you can only write so many poems, go to so many dinners, or get so many golf balls).

I had found a project online that involved using one large plank of wood, gluing photos onto small blocks of wood and then putting these smaller blocks onto the large plank…like a homemade, frameless, rustic photo display.  Using family photos was of course my first instinct but I thought it was a little played out and didn’t really praise my Dad the way I wanted to.  Although I knew he would love a display of some great family photos (especially since he has so few current ones in his office, which is where I envisioned this piece going) I decided to use some of his photography.  He’s recently been very involved in taking photos with his new camera, editing them on his computer, taking continuing education classes etc. so I thought displaying his photos would be a great homage to his hard work and nurtured talent.  It is something I know he will be so proud to hang for everyone to see…although his humble nature is something that would not have allowed him to do that on his own.

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