Architecture was, like gardens and agriculture and food, one of those interestingly messy places, where nature changes us, even as we change nature…

-Michael Pollan

My Design Inspirations

Phoenix Commotion

Dan Phillips (here is also a great video of the founder speaking at a TED conference)…some of Phoenix Commotion’s work below

Rural Studio (some of Rural Studio’s work below)

The World Trade Center Memorial Project

This is one of the few projects that reminds me of the reasons I decided to major in architecture:  it is poet, nostalgic, meaningful, impacting and so much more..all rolled into a site and buildings that promise to be beautiful, inhabitable and effecting spaces.

A Few of My Favorite Design Websites

9/11 memorial site (different than the wtc one linked above)

Dwell (like the magazine…also great)








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