Green Lifestyle

“be like a bee, anything he eats is clean, anything he creates is sweet and any branch he sits upon does not break”

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
—George Bernard Shaw

Figuring out where this whole “green” aspect of this website should go was a difficult task for me: objectively it seemed like it should go under the Inspiration menu because the majority of information on this page does just that…it should inspire you.  But instinctively I wanted to put it under Rejuvenation.  I discussed how I believe being your best person means taking care of your physical body and your mental self (that’s why information under the Rejuvenation page ranges from recipes to productivity lists) but I believe that this correlation is really just a microcosm of a broader relationship.  We can’t be our greatest self if we don’t live with the intent to respect the source of the natural products that support our everyday life (or even just to recognize its influence on our lives).  And because the members of our family yet to make their appearance are in fact a piece of us, we must have a mutual goal to preserve and sustain (hence “sustainability”) this “machine” that they will one day depend on as well.

Things to Watch

Food Inc.

Al Gore on Colbert Report

Things to Read

A Place of My Own by…once again…Michael Pollan

Hope Beneath Our Feet-by Martin Keogh

Why Bother? an article by Michael Pollan

Letter From the Future an article by Vicki Robin

Eden is a Conversation an article by Barry Lopez

Things (and people) to Look Up To

Central Phoenix Farmers Market (conveniently located right across the street from my parents house)

Edible Schoolyard

Chez Panisse Foundation-School Lunch Reform


Things to Surf


Center for Ecoliteracy

A Green Roof

Green Upgrader

The Greenest

Project for Public Spaces

Mother Nature Network

Elephant Journal

Whole Living

Some of my Favorite Green Project Inspirations

Some of my Favorite Upcycling Project Inspirations


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