About me

“I am a girl with a mountain to climb.”

Love Walked In

Offbeat, Wiggles, The Baby, Bright, Creative, The Queen of Selfish: these are all characteristics/names I’ve been given throughout my life (in the last case…it was self-inflicted at a young age).  To help explain where some of these come from….a few facts about me:

I’m the youngest child of four siblings (but have always been an old soul)

I would summarize my childhood with Rainbow Brite (or basically all 80’s/90’s cartoons), a serious dislike towards buttons, all things “hippie” related, constant activity experimentation (including but not limited to softball, piano, volleyball, tennis, summer camp, golf and dance) and overall lots of smiles

Being creative has always been a huge part of my life (in roughly chronological order: building forts, imagining tree houses, writing music and poems, constantly rearranging my room, scrapbooking, photography, drawing, painting and creating pieces of art)

Sitting still can be very hard for me (except when in yoga class or while playing the piano)

I have a strange knack for anything mathematical or logistical but I feel drawn more so to activiites with subjective and/or creative bases

I put blood, sweat and tears into getting my bachelors degree in architecture from ASU and have little desire to actually be an architect.
That’s obviously not everything but you get the gist…when I think of myself and my life those are a few quirks that come to mind.  Combined they form my strongest quality which is uniqueness: some of those listed above (and others not mentioned) might seem a little strange but they’re characteristics I always try to embrace because that’s the most important part of an “about me” section…what makes me me…and I really feel deep down that someday these things will help lead me to a life, career and existence that is happily and thoroughly my own (although what that is I have yet to figure out)!
If you want to know more…

Some of my favorite family/friend photos:

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