About this blog

I want to start off by saying I feel a little uncomfortable calling this little venture a ‘blog;.” It’s highly likely that the only people who will be reading this are my mom and I; which is fine, but I don’t want anyone to think by my calling it a ‘blog’ that I have delusions of grandeur and am anticipating throngs of people who will be fascinated by my small comments on life…specifically on my life.  This site is filled with some of my past architecture project, current art projects, photo books I’ve given as gifts, a few of my favorite photographs, recipes, books, quotes, various things/people I find inspirational and some of my random everyday musings.

More-so than anything else this blog is for me…for the sake of my sanity (see picture at left…example of my insanity).  You know how people always tell you that if you can’t get your mind to quiet down when you go to bed you should write a small to-do list for the next day?  This blog is like my to-do list; it is also my journal, my portfolio, my photo album, my attempt to discover my life’s bigger picture, my source of inspiration and organization, my recipe box, my soap box and my brain’s external hard-drive.  It is my attempt to quiet my mind.

I’ve realized it’s finally time to jump in feet first

What’s in a Name…

      So onto the name….I feel like having to explain the meaning of this blog title is equivalent to having to explain the punch line to a joke…I guess I would make an ineffective comedian.  I wanted the title to allude to my past in design and creativity, my continuing work on trying to make the most of life and figuring out how I want to live it.  I also want to make clear that I don’t have any answers about how to get to this happiness or what that happiness even is.  So many different sayings and words came to mind..too many to be productive.  Rome wasn’t built in a day was one that I loved, but I couldn’t really figure out how to turn it into a title.  Coincidentally, during this time I was reading Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel and one of her ten rules for getting what you want out of life is All Roads Lead to Rome.  Must’ve been a sign.  “Designing my road” is meant to say that I can have some control over my life’s happiness and various life paths.  Obviously I changed Rome to Roam, a change meant to represent that maybe, at least for the moment, my Rome is actually just dabbling in different joys of life, different areas of interest and just enjoying the ride.

In the small “film strip” within the blog’s header I also added a phrase that I had considered making the title for this blog, it was probably my favorite but just a little too long: Finding Foundations, Forming Niches and Fingers Crossed.  When I proposed this title to my friends and family some suggested that I change it around to forming foundations and finding niches because that seems more logical.  But placing it my way way was done with intention.  I wanted to emphasize the fact that we all have foundations, things in life that ground us, no matter where we come from or where we’ve been; we just need to reconnect with what they are because I believe they are crucial.  I also think we can be in control of what talents and goals we decide to pursue, there is no specific path to go down or designated shoes to fill…we form all this ourselves.  The fingers crossed aspect comes from my belief that at some point we need to just go for it, no matter what it is.  Hopefully it will work out…but even if it doesn’t…all roads lead to Rome!


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