“Develop interests in life as you see it: in people, things, literatures, music…the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and intersting people.  Forget yourself”

-Henry Miller

It has been defined as a “burst of creativity;” it has Hellenistic origins meaning “breathed up;” it’s been thought of in ancient mythologies as a gift from the divine and Romantic poets have attributed it to an overcoming of “mystical winds.”  Besides acting on it, I believe finding inspiration is one of the greatest missions in life.   Inspiration can provide the much needed kick in the butt, it can flick the switch for the lightbulb above your head or it simply, but most powerfully, can renew your spirit. Trying to put a formal organization to where I often find inspiration was difficult because the genres can overlap and intermix so easily.  But I did it as follows:

Quotes: my favorite kind of inspiration because they can appear out of virtually                        anywhere (or anyone) and can be revisiting infinitely and easily.

GoodReads: this involves sources such as books, magazines, articles, other people’s             blogs/websites etc.

DIY Projects:

Green Design:

I took a class one time in college (that I will speak a little more about below) and one thing I took away from that course and teacher was how important it is to find a mentor and at one point be a mentor.  I can’t say I have a specific mentor in my life yet but here is a little blurb about Inspirational Women in my life.


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