My Bucketlist

**List is always a work in progress***

Locks for Love

Get into ASU Arch program and complete my degree

Go skydiving (if I could double strike that I would…because I did it in Switzerland!!)

Travel for an extended period of time (I crossed half of this out because I spent a few months abroad in college but want to do it again for a longer period of time)

Start a blog (in the process)

See my favorite music legends live (this is clearly an ongoing process…I’ve seen James Taylor, Regina Spektor,

Run a half marathon (once completed I will add “run a full marathon” to this list)

Volunteer abroad for an environmental organization

Create a piece of art representing my family tree

Design my own house one day (with the greatest bathroom you’ve ever seen)

Keep a consistent journal (just bought a nice one!)

Become fluent in French

Create a vision board as a piece of art

Start my own vegetable garden


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