Ready For Fall Morning Snack Toast

So today is the first day of fall, and despite the fact that it is still 105 degrees over here in sunny AZ, I’m embracing the new season with full force (like I always do)…and that begins with my morning snack!  As I’ve stated before I usually don’t eat breakfast till a little later, so I try and have a snack when I get up/before I work out, especially since I usually down a decent amount of water right when I get up… if I don’t eat anything soon thereafter, I tend to get a little nauseous. I try to make sure this snack has a smudge of carbs, some good fats, a little protein, some variety of fruits for extra vitamins and a little agave to make it something to look forward to!

To start with the base of everything…I usually start with a hearty cracker, like Kavli or Wasa brand or some kind of whole grain bread.  For my Fall Inspired Toast I then top it with

  • a smear of fresh ground almond butter (or the kind in a jar but always make sure the ingredient list only contains almonds…no salt, extra sugar etc)
  • a good size dollop of pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling)
  • thinly sliced apples
  • a light topping of agave nectar
And voila!! My fall toast that, despite the 100 degree weather, really has me feeling like my favorite time of year is fast approaching.

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