“Wake up with the sun, stop criticizing and start edifying, accept your current health for what it is, it will only make it better…forget yesterday and tomorrow, live in the here and now.”


This section has been a difficult task for me to tackle.  I’ve gone back and forth on how to organize the information, what information to include etc because whenever I really thought about it the majority of the information seemed to really belong in the inspiration section: most thoughts under the rejuvenation tab are in fact forms of inspiration…people, organizations, quotes, books, projects etc.  Inspiration is such a broad idea though and there are certain aspects of it that I really wanted to zero in on, especially when it comes to the topics I most want to emphasize on this blog.  When it comes to “living your fullest life” I think the base point for this ever becoming a reality is taking care of your whole self: body and mind.  So ideas related to this concept, whether they’re inspirational or not, can be found in this section: I discuss my ideas and tactics for living healthy, living creatively and living happily, divided up among the generic categories Food and Recipes, Health and Wellness and Green Lifestyle.


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