Health and Wellness

***Page Still in Progress***

“Try a little less housework and a little more sleep”

Lists to Live By

I love lists! I love making them, checking them off and finding new ones that inspire me…here are a few of my favorite lists (from some great websites you should definitely explore) meant to lay the path to living a healthy and happy life:

Handbook for Life…2011 (this one is my fav link)

30 habits that will change your life

100 ways to nurture yourself

12 critical things you should never tolerate

These next two have to do with body image issues for women:

10 ways to love your body

5 lessons we should stop teaching little girls

****give my own views on how I see we’re skewed with how we raise our kids)..near and dear to my heart because of my nieces and my own experiences

Something to Watch

CNN and Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s The Last Heart Attack

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Forks Over Knives

*yes some of these movies are a repeat from the Food and Recipes page but these movies, which refer specifically to how food effects your overall being, seemed relevant.

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