On a Color Coordinating Kick!

New condo, freshly moved, starting from scratch and living solo means one thing in my mind: decorating my place however I want, no matter how unconventional that may be.  For me this was an opportunity to cross a little something (and by little something I mean definitely a minor bucket list item…nothing I would look back on with regret if I didn’t completely….none the less: it’s on the list!) off the bucket list: color coordinating my bookshelf!  I often feel a little like a hoarder, even more so after just going through a move that took me (just ONE person) at least 2 weeks to prepare for….it took my old roommate all of a couple hours.  I feel even more like a hoarder when it comes to my books! I can’t get rid of them, won’t get rid of them, have a strange sense of accomplishment when I look at them all and realize how many great things I’ve read (and maybe how much time I have had on my hands).  What better way to show them off besides color coordinating them (alphabetizing is so last year)! This being said, moving into my own place was the perfect opportunity to break into the storage unit and roll out my many boxes of literary accomplishments (or in some cases literary guilty pleasures).  Final result…

IMG_4240(doesn’t actually feel like that many books when I look at this picture…especially after all the hype I typed about it above).  None the less…it brings a strange sense of happiness to me when I see it.

Another color coordinating opportunity I jumped on was when working on a large picture project!  I have lots of pictures I love and not many ways to display them so I figured I’d make one really big picture, with a lot of my favorite smaller ones…for some unconscious reason I envisioned it arranged via color scheme.  So after many hours on photoshop/InDesign, a few trips to the printer and too much money at the framer this is what I had (sorry for the yellowish coloring…bad lighting and I don’t feel like fixing them in photoshop)


a few up-close shots




Needless to say the last few days have been lots of fun…gotta love a blank canvas:-)

Next project: pallet coffee table

inspiration for it:



Current Happiness 1/20/12

The Current Happiness post is back.  It’s been a few weeks since my last one and I’ve been slowly stocking up on some things to share:

New Websites

A website I recently came across has become a new addiction: hookedonhouses.net.  It has some of my favorite movie/tv houses documented on it i.e. the Brothers and Sisters, Home Alone, Father of the Bride, Hanging Up, Practical Magic etc.  It also has introduced me to some really awesome celebrity houses like Reese Witherspoon’s Northern California home.  But I put it on my current happiness because of this post: the real-life UP movie house!!.  LOOOVE It

Art Created by Unexpected Artists

The company I work for, STARS, does a program called Drawn Together where an awesome local artist (who’s been with STARS for a while now) comes around to the various “classrooms” and does art projects with all the participants.  And even if I were an objective viewer I would still say that the many many paintings we have are awesome.  So in my quest to try and find a way for STARS to make some money from these paintings I’ve come across a lot of places that already do this: sell art created by people with developmental disabilities or mental illnesses (the money of course goes to the artists). Here’s a few websites where you can check out and even buy some of this art!

  • NIADART.org
  • artsoflife.org
  • creativityexplored.org
  • fountaingallerynyc.com-susan robinson (who did the following paintings)

Rainbowbrite cereal commercial

uuummm I didn’t know this existed…but a twitter post the other day opened my eyes to this insanely brilliant marketing scheme (which I’m not sure how I missed out on…considering my LOOOVVEE of all things Rainbow Brite).  And here is a link to the oh so fabulous commercial it had!

Big Photo Projects

I am currently working on a project like these because I LOVE them so much…so expect  a post about that in the near future

Red Lipstick

My recent endeavor to wear red lipstick is kind of a full circle experience for me.  I remember being younger and while at the store admiring the red lipstick, voices my inability to wear it and look good, the lady working there said “wait until you’re older…then you’ll be able to wear red lipstick.”  Well I have recently realized that that moment is here…and I love it.  I’ve gone on a red lipstick spree and my favorites (all MAC) are Viva Glam I, Mac Red and Brave Red


-Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

-Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid-  Albert Einstein

-Do not regret growing older; it is a privilege denied to many.

A few fun articles from CNN:

http://www.cnn.com/2012/01/13/health/secrets-worlds-healthiest-women/index.html?hpt=hp_bn10  shares the secrets of the worlds healthiest women

http://www.cnn.com/2011/12/07/travel/five-paris-lessons/index.html  the 5 life lessons a woman learned after living in Paris (I probably need to pay better attention to number 3 :-/) oops