Things Green

***Page Still in Progress***

“be like a bee, anything he eats is clean, anything he creates is sweet and any branch he sits upon does not break”

The decision of where to place this tab was a difficult one for me.  Part of me feels obligated to put it under the inspiration menu section because a.) I have a feeling most things under this section will end up being quotes or inspirational people/books/projects etc. and b.) because the inspiration section was already confusing enough to try to and sign a structure.  From the very beginning my instinct was to put in under the rejuvenation section because I believe, at least for myself, being “green” is intertwined with being healthy, happy and whole.  Deep down I feel like nature is a huge part of being a healthy person.  The more obvious reason: to be healthy we need to breathe clean air, eat whole and densely nutritious foods and receive the oxygen from plants plants; but the less obvious reason, I believe, is because having a strong connection to a healthy Earth allows us to have an insight into ourselves and others.  Being more sustainable, in our buildings, food systems, transportation systems etc. is a way to make sure all these connections are strong

At the moment this section will be mainly an inspirational section but I hope to slowly turn it into a display of the ways I’m becoming greener in my life and the green projects I am working on.

Things to Watch

forks over knives


Things to Read

anything by Michael Pollan (A Place of My Own is a great one especially for this category)

Hope Beneath Our Feet

Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

Things (and people) to Look Up To

michael pollan

habitat for humanity

Edible Schoolyard

Chez Panisse Foundation-School Lunch Reform


Phoenix Commotion Dan Phillips (here is also a great video of the founder speaking at a TED conference)…some of Phoenix Commotion’s work below

Rural Studio (some of Rural Studio’s work below)

Things to Surf


Center for Ecoliteracy

A Green Roof

Green Upgrader

The Greenest

Project for Public Spaces

Mother Nature Network

Elephant Journal

Some of my Favorite Green Project Inspirations

Some of my Favorite Upcycling Project Inspirations

***soon to come: gardening section, up-cycling projects section etc****


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